Newborn Pricing

  •  Newborn Mini $500

    1 hour studio newborn session (baby will be wrapped for the whole session)

    10 x high resolution digital images (sent via dropbox)

    Family and siblings shots not included however can be added for an additional $100

    Additional images $40 each (or upgrade to the full gallery for an additional $150)

  • All inclusive $850

    2 to 3 hour studio newborn session including family and sibling shots

    The full gallery of edited high resolution images – approximately 25 to 30 images (sent via dropbox)

  • Baby’s 1st year $1450

    2 to 3 hour studio newborn session including family and sibling shots

    6/7 month sitter session

    1st birthday family session or cake smash with bubble bath (cake not included)

    10 digital images from each of the 3 sessions (sent via dropbox)

    option to upgrade to the full gallery from each session for an additional $150 per session

Additional digital images can be purchased for $40 each.

A $50 discount is received when both a maternity and newborn package are booked. The discount will be taken from the newborn session.

All packages include your session fee. A $50 booking fee is payable on booking your session. The booking fee will be subtracted from your package cost upon final payment which is due on the day of the session.

Full payment is required for the baby’s 1st year package at the time of the newborn session. Package upgrade costs can be paid at the time of each individual session.

The booking fee is non refundable however may be transferred to another date with adequate notice and pending availability.


When should i book a session?

Newborn sessions are best undertaken when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old. Once your baby reaches 14 days old, they are less sleepy so it is much harder to pose them and keep them settled. You may have a very sleepy baby at home wrapped in their beds but the studio is a very different environment. It is best to make contact with me prior to giving birth so that i can pencil you in my diary. Once you have had your baby, you should get in contact as soon as possible (within 48hours is best) so we can organise a suitable time within those first 10 days. Newborn sessions are generally undertaken on weekdays.

Where will the session take place?

All newborn sessions are held in my home studio in Glossodia (Hawkesbury area).

What should i expect at the session?

A newborn shoot can take 2 to 3 hours or sometimes longer depending on how sleepy and settled bub is on the day. The shoots are not rushed and mums (and dads) are free to feed, change, and settle their baby as needed. I recommend that you plan to feed your baby immediately prior to leaving your home as this will help keep the baby settled and sleepy. It is perfectly normal for the baby to be unsettled for periods throughout the shoot and this is not something to be concerned about or feel that you are taking up too much time. This is to be expected and it is precisely why i allow up to 3 hrs for the shoot. If you see a particular prop or backdrop on my website or facebook page that you would like to use, feel free to let me know prior to the session so I can make sure I have it out ready to go (I have a very large collection of props so I only have a selection out on the day of your shoot but you can request specific props in advance if you wish). It is important to understand that the props we use will depend on your baby and how comfortable they are in any particular prop or pose. Some babies dont like certain poses and if this is the case, then ofcourse we don’t force them, we just move on to another prop or pose.

What do i wear?

The room where the studio is set up will be heated to keep the baby warm and therefore you may find it very hot! Hence, you may like to dress appropriately. If you plan to have photos of yourself with your baby, simple colours are best to avoid drawing attention away from your bub. Family photos are currently taken on a creamy boho style bed so light and airy colours work perfectly. If you prefer a plain white backdrop, this is also fine.

What should my baby wear?

While traveling to the shoot, its best to avoid clothes that may leave marks on your baby’s skin such as elastic marks etc. Also try not to do the nappy up too tight as this also leaves crease marks on your babies skin. This can’t always be avoided and can be touched up in the editing process however it’s something to bear in mind when dressing your baby on the day of the shoot. Its also wise to dress your baby in clothing that is easy to remove so there is less chance of waking them up when we undress them.
The photos will be a mixture of wrapped and naked  (unless you book the mini session which is a fully wrapped session) however if you have any special blankets, headbands, hats etc that you would like to be included in the shots please feel free to bring them along. I have a large selection of beanies/bonnets/headbands/wraps and props so you don’t need to bring anything if you don’t want to.
The heaters are running to ensure your baby is kept warm while naked and all blankets and props are washed and disinfected to ensure hygiene. Dont worry if your baby has an accident on the blanket. This is expected and the blankets are easily washed.

What should i bring?

Everything that you would normally take with you to feed, change, settle your baby, as well as anything you would like to be included in the shoot such as a special toy, a handmade blanket, or perhaps your wedding rings.

What happens after the session?

After the session, i will edit the photos and post them to an online gallery for viewing. I will email you a link to the gallery where you will be able to select the images that you would like. This process should take approximately 2 weeks.
I may upload a small selection of your images to my facebook / instagram page or website as a sneak peak before you receive the link to your gallery. You are welcome to share the images that I upload among your family and friends by sharing the album or tagging yourself. Please let me know if you do not want your photos on facebook.


Please feel free to contact me on 0408650539 or if you have any questions.
Look forward to meeting you and your baby soon!!